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Looking for a game that’s not listed on GameTrex? You can comment below so that we know you want it added. Please follow these rules when making requests:

  1. Make sure you have searched the website for the game before requesting it.
  2. Game requests will be added according to the popularity/number of requests for that game
  3. Don’t use the section below to post spam
  4. At GameTrex we are trying to create a community of gamers where we can all come together and enjoy the games we love. Don’t forget to share our website with all of your friends to help us grow!

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63 thoughts on “Request a game”

  1. I would LOVE if you guys added “Until Dawn – PC”
    To all you others reading this, please comment this suggestion aswell so that there are more people wanting this!

  2. hi gametrex ..i would like if sea of thieves was added because when i tried to download it it said that it has not been cracked yet …

    many thanks


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