Download Max Payne for free on PC – this page will show you how to download and install the full version of Max Payne on PC.

About Max Payne

Max Payne is a third-person shooter video game developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Gathering of Developers in July 2001 for Microsoft Windows. Almost all the game-play involves bullet time-based gun-fights. Levels are generally straightforward, occasionally incorporating platforming and puzzle-solving elements. The game’s story-line is advanced by the player following Max’s internal monologue as the character determines what his next steps should be. Several of the game’s levels involve Payne’s surrealistic nightmares and drug-related hallucinations. Initially, the player’s weapon is a semi-automatic pistol. As the game progresses, other weapons become accessible, including melee and hand-thrown weapons. Some weapons can be dual wielded. Max regains health by taking painkillers, which can be found throughout the levels. The game’s AI is dependent on pre-scripted commands: most of the behaviour exhibited by enemies (such as taking cover, retreating from the player, or throwing grenades) is pre-scripted. The game-play of Max Payne revolves around bullet time, a form of slow motion — when triggered, the passage of time is slowed down to such extent that the movements of bullets can be seen by the naked eye and enables Max to perform special moves. Although Payne’s movement is also slowed, the player is still able to position the aiming reticle and react in real time, providing an advantage over enemies. Occasionally, when the last character of an enemy group is killed, the viewpoint switches to a third-person view circling a falling body. Likewise, the camera may follow the path of a bullet fired from a sniper rifle.

How to Download and Install Max Payne

  1. Click on the download button below. You will be redirected to a download page for Max Payne. If you’re asked for a password, use:
  2. Choose a mirror to complete your download. If using a torrent download, you will first need to download uTorrent.
  3. Once Max Payne has finished downloading, extract the file using a software such as WinRAR.
  4. Double click on the “Max Payne.exe” icon and your game should now launch.
  5. Enjoy the game!

Max Payne PC Download


The download is for Max Payne v1.05 – file size is 601.1MB

Max Payne System Requirements


  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP (only)
  • Processor: 450MHz AMD / Intel Processor
  • RAM: 96 MB RAM (128 MB RAM or greater recommended)
  • Graphics: 16MB Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card
  • Storage: 830 MB Hard Drive Space for full install, 530 MB for minimum install

Max Payne Screenshots